Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kidnapping Worries

I've been a lazy blogger for a few weeks now. It's definitely time to get back on the old horse:)

One of my worst fears has been for someone to break into the boys's room at night. Then, I read about Lisa Irwin's disappearance (I'm praying for her safe return); and now, I am really fearful of someone breaking into their room. At night, I keep the baby monitor turned up, and I hear every little sound. So, my night's sleep has been restless to say the least. I have even woke Dan up a couple of times to check on noises which is totally out of character for me.

Last Friday, my kidnapping paranoia hit an all time high, for a very good reason. I went out of town to a Ladies Retreat at Bill Rice Ranch (it was awesome!!); and since Dan works all day, my brother Stephen volunteered to watch the boys during the day. He was brave enough to take them out by himself because he was bored sitting at home all day. Well, Friday, he had gone to Peachtree Mall to look for a birthday present. The unloading and loading process is always time consuming since neither boy can buckle himself in yet. During the loading process at the mall, he took Titus out of the stroller and walked around the van to put him in his seat which left Peter in the stroller on the other side of the van. He walked back around to get Peter, and a woman was bent over trying to get Peter out of the stroller. Of course, he hollered at her and reached for his gun (but he didn't pull it out). She told him that she thought the baby was abandoned. Now, she had to have noticed that both sliding doors were open and the hatch was open. Obviously, someone else was there. Stephen made a small scene, and she walked away. The incident did cause people around him to notice what was going on, and they said he should have laid her out cold. I told him that in that instance the man not hitting a woman principle does not apply. Stephen is now kicking himself for not doing more; in fact, the more he thinks about it, the sicker to his stomach he gets. But at the time, he just wanted her to get away from Peter. Needless to say, I'm on high alert making sure the boys are by my side or someone else's side that I trust. Stephen has learned a valuable lesson too. I think he might have been worried about me hurting him:) Don't worry, I still trust him with the boys! He loves them too much to let something happen, and he knows now to never leave the stroller on the other side of the van. As for the woman, I hope she's not successful if she tries something like that again. And if we're out and Stephen recognizes her, IT'S ON!!!!