Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Attention Hog!

Since he took his first breath of fresh air, Titus reigned as King of Drama. Accidentally scratching him with your fingernail is equivalent to cutting off a finger. It never crossed my mind that he could reach a whole new level of drama. Now, his status shows both Drama King and Attention Hog.

This past Friday and Saturday, Mom, Karissa, the boys, and I went up to my Grandma's house. It had been a while since she and Aunt Kim had seen the boys; so, I wanted them to catch up with the boys. (Last time they had seen the boys, they were barely crawling.) While we were there, we ate dinner upstairs with everyone at my Aunt's. Well, Aunt Kim has a hard flooring throughout her living areas which makes for slippery surfaces for new walkers. Peter fell and hit his head really hard on the floor. Of course, since Great-Grandma Fields, Grandma, and Aunt Kim were there, everyone rushed to his side. I picked him up and patted his bottom while everyone else tried to comfort him too.

As soon as Titus crawled down from the couch, I saw it in his eyes. Peter was getting all the attention, and that just could not happen while Titus was around. He looked around, got down on his hands and knees, and lowered his head to about an inch from the ground. He turned his face towards everyone and then...tap...just barely a tap of the head. He began to cry as he crawled into my lap and tried to push Peter off as he laid his head on my shoulder. Now, he wasn't really hurt because he was smart enough to only tap his head on the floor; he only wanted the attention, not the pain:) Talk about a rolling on the floor laughing moment! I could not believe what I had just witnessed! It was a deliberate attempt to fool me into believing he was hurt. My, my, my!

People often say that babies don't know what they're doing. However, Titus is proof that they do have thinking skills beyond what we beyond what we give them credit. It makes me wonder how many times has he already pulled the wool over my eyes. This serves as a reminder to never underestimate your children. Deceitfulness isn't taught; it just comes naturally.

What he didn't realize is that I would have held him without the fake tears:)

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