Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mobility Breeds Accidents

I feel as though it's been forever since I've written. Now that the boys are fully mobile, it seems as if my days fly by without me even realizing it. In the midst of saying no and pulling the boys off of things, I have forgotten so many things; and unfortunately, blogging met the same fate. I have resolved though to get my time back. They get 95% of my awake time; I think I can take a few moments for myself:)

As I mentioned earlier, the boys are FULLY MOBILE!! Walking is now their second preferred mode of transportation; being carried by mom is still their preferred mode. Although, I do make them walk as much as possible now because they are getting too heavy, and I can't just carry one at a time:)

Of course, increased mobility breeds increased boo-boos. Last week, I got Peter out of the van and put him on the sidewalk so that I could go get Titus out of his seat. I glanced back and noticed him trying to step off the curb. I told him, "No!" and he stopped. As soon as I turned my back to finish getting Titus out, I heard a thud. Peter listened but, then, decided to do his own thing once I turned my back. He tried to step off the curb on his own but, instead, landed nose first on the pavement. Needless to say, crying and bleeding followed shortly thereafter. I got them both inside and cleaned up Peter. I put a bandaid on his nose knowing it wouldn't be on there long, but I wanted it to keep the blood from getting on me. And true to form, Peter yanked the bandaid off but soon decided he wanted it back on his nose. With the bandaid in his fist, he started punching himself in the face trying to get the bandaid to stick back on his nose, and he then looked up at me with a face that said, "Why won't this stay?" Don't worry....I laughed at my son:)

Later that night, I didn't laugh and actually felt really sorry for him. I laid Peter on his back and gave him his sippy cup of milk like I do every night. Peter reached for it but didn't have a strong grip on it. It slipped through his hands and landed completely on his already tender nose. Normally, Peter just starts crying; Titus is the one that usually has to be dramatic about crying and suck in air for thirty seconds before finally letting out a scream. However, this night, Peter sucked air in for thirty seconds and finally let out a blood curdling scream. Don't worry...I didn't laugh:) I picked him up and held while he cried it out. I know it had to hurt. Of course, if I'd have hit my head like he did earlier in the day, I would have had a headache all day long. So, I guess he did pretty good.

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  1. I've been reading through your old posts - I love this blog! Such a wonderful job writing.