Thursday, June 14, 2012

Changing the Norm

I've started on a quest to change the norm in my house. Unfortunately, at 6 months old, Titus contracted RSV and was hospitalized for 4 days in January of 2011. Ever since then, he has a reoccurring cough that will not completely go away. A couple of weeks ago, I began looking at what was under my kitchen sink: Scrub Free with bleach, Spic & Span, Lysol Kitchen cleaner, and several other harsh chemicals. I've always been one who has to smell the bleach in order to believe it's truly clean. As I was pondering on my cleaning supplies, I heard Titus coughing again. At that moment, it struck me that maybe, just maybe, the chemicals in our house could be aggravating his respiratory system.

Since then, I have begun my journey to chemical free living. I've already made my own stain remover, anti-itch gel, and vinegar/baking soda cleaners. I'm waiting on my essential oils to come from to complete my laundry detergent, my homemade deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner. I plan to be completely chemical free in a month. I bought a natural baby wash because I didn't like any of the recipes that I found online and am going to try to find a natural wash for Dan and I (hopefully, something that doesn't break the bank).

If my grandparents and great-grandparents were able to keep clean houses and families without the chemicals, I should be able to also. It just takes a little extra time to make everything. Of course, the added blessing is that making my own cleaners saves me money. That means...a new pair of shoes:)

On another note...I finally pulled out the boys pool and cleaned it up. They had so much fun playing in the water. I wish I had a big pool for them; but alas, we have no back yard for it. In fact, the small kiddie pool was on the sidewalk leading up to the front stoop. It was loads of fun nonetheless:)

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