Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Gone With the Wind"

So, the boys have effectively learned how to take their own diapers off no matter what happens to be inside them. The days of letting them run around in just their diapers are "gone with the wind." I use to take their clothes off, put them in their beds, and then get their clothes out of the closet. In less than 30 seconds, both boys can have their diapers off and out of the crib on the floor. Fortunately, they haven't played with the poopy ones:) Peter took one of his poopy diapers off today and brought it to me which is a good thing for me. However, once the diaper comes off and the cold air hits, you never know what will happen!

Saturday night, I was bouncing the ball on the hardwood floor next to the front door. They think it's hilarious, and we were having a good ole time. I looked over, and Titus's diaper was laying on the floor. Somehow, he had managed to un-velcro his diaper and wiggle it out the leg hole of his romper. Just as I noticed it, he started relieving himself. As I hollered for Daniel, both boys lock eyes and think, "Let's splash in the puddle!" Dan arrived with the paper towels and cleaner just in time to see both boys splashing in urine as I'm trying to pull both of them away from it without getting the carpet wet. AHHHH!!!! Needless to say, bath time got bumped up an hour, and our entry way was spotless soon afterward.


  1. LOL - I have been in fear of the dreaded diaper removal phase. I watched an amazing movie 'Babies' and they let them run around without diapers all day. I kept thinking "What do they do with all the poopies?" I'm still perplexed.

  2. Hmmm....I'm not sure that I'm willing to try no diapers, LOL. Now, you've got me perplexed:)