Thursday, September 15, 2011

Same Birthday - Different Personality

Tomorrow, I get to make another doctor's visit run with Titus. He fell in the bathtub on Saturday and hit his chin. I checked him but didn't see anything. Monday, I felt something under his chin; he has something protruding from his chin that feels like bone. It's not breaking through the skin and is leaving a red spot where it's been rubbing. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt for me to touch it, but it does hurt when he falls and hits it. I watched it Tuesday just to see if it would go down (high hopes), but it hasn't. So, I called the doctor today, and they told me to bring him in Thursday for them to check it out.

I promise Titus does all these things to himself without any help:) He knows no fear and is like a bull in a china shop. Tonight, he wanted to be where Peter was sitting. What did he do? He climbed on top of him and pushed him out of the way. He just goes for things. I have a feeling that he's going to be a "go getter" in life. I just hope that he's a "go getter" with fewer hospital trips. Not long ago, he got a thank you card from Columbus Regional!! A thank you card from the hospital!! If he gets a Christmas card, I think I'm going to cry. My brother has spent so much there that he receives Christmas cards from them:)

Peter, on the other hand, has not had doctor's visits except for well check-ups. He's a little more timid and thinks things out before he does them. You can see the wheels turning in his head as he's watching. He's going to be my thinker. It takes him longer to learn to do things than it does Titus, but he usually does them better than Titus once he starts. It took him longer to learn to roll over than it did Titus; but once he got going, he would roll from one side of the room to the other.

Sometimes, it's hard not to compare the two, even at just 13 months. But, just because they're the same age doesn't mean that they are the same. I catch myself wondering what's wrong with Peter because Titus has already done it weeks ago or what's wrong with Titus because Peter's never sick or hurt. They are two very different boys that will excel at their own pace. More than likely, Titus is going to make things happen for himself; but in the process, he's going to make a lot of mistakes from rushing into things too soon. On the other hand, Peter is probably not going to make as many mistakes as Titus because he sits back and thinks about things, but he's going to have more missed opportunities than Titus because of him thinking things through too much. It amazes me how different my boys are. It reminds me of how great God is. Even when He gives you 2 at a time, He gives them each their own personality and special skills. Yes, they may be twins and share a birthday, but God made them wonderfully different:)


  1. Loved the update! I bet you have your hands full especially hearing how Titus is more on the wild side. That does make me wonder where he gets that from :-) Hope all goes well at the doctor today and that you keep doing well!

  2. They really do end up being separate people. Parker is timid and careful, Eli is insane! They both get into so much so fast it's hard to keep track. Thirty minutes into our morning and Parker had a bump on his forehead and bruise on his chin - I don't even know what they got into. Everything is baby proof!?