Tuesday, March 27, 2012

20 Months!!

I can't believe my babies are only 4 months from being 2 years old. Where have my little 35 weekers gone? They've been replaced with toddlers who are all boy. They love playing in dirt, puddles, fountains and sand and playing with sticks, cars and balls. Soon, I'm going to have to start checking pockets for bugs before putting them in the washer. Peter loves being dirty; Titus does not. The picture of Titus bending down with the water hose is showing him trying to clean himself off.

Their 1st time playing with the water hose.


  1. Simply adorable... I so look forward to when my son is a bug lovin' little boy, but am trying to suck in every moment of his baby time. I'm sure it goes fast!


  2. The baby time goes way too fast!!

  3. OMG - They are soooooooo cute! We're about to hit 22 months. I can't believe in only 2 short months, when people ask, we'll be saying they are two! It's too crazy to believe.