Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sickness, Wedding, and More!

The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind and very tiring. We had their 18 month check up on February 8, and I haven't had time to post updates since them. This was the first time that recognized where we were and started crying as soon as they saw the nurses and doctor. Other than that, the appointment went very well, and Dr. Macleod is loving their progress. Peter is still small but is staying steady on his curve: 23 pounds, 31.5 inches, and 18.5 head circumference. Titus is still my brute: 26.3 pounds, 33.5 inches, and 19 head circumference. They also got their last shots until 5 years old.

The following Sunday, I put Titus to bed at 9; and he woke up at 10 congested and coughing. We cleaned out his nose, gave him some Tylenol, and put him in the swing to sleep slightly inclined. The next day, you could tell he was sick, but he's always sick and didn't act any worse than usual; and Peter acted like he always does. When Dan got home from work, I decided to take Titus to Pediatric After Hours because his breathing started getting worse around 5:30. I really hadn't checked Peter much during the day because I was trying to keep Titus away from him and didn't want Peter sick too. Dan picked him up and said he was burning up. We checked his fever, and it was 102. He didn't act sick; so, I didn't think to take his temperature. So, we packed both boys up and headed to After Hours instead of what was supposed to be our Valentine's Dinner at Longhorn.

Normally, when you get to Pediatric After Hours, they check the babies weight and temperature and send you back to the waiting room wait some more. By the time we got there, Peter's temperature spiked to 104 which meant that we didn't get sent back to wait. They sent us back to a room immediately and worked on getting Peter's fever down. Long story short...Peter had strep throat, and Titus had bronchitis. It all came out of no where because they were fine Sunday. It's amazing how little bodies can change so quickly.

That whole week was spent getting the boys well which always makes a tiring week. Friday night was the beginning of our mid-year mission's conference. Saturday was a funeral, and that night was mission's conference. Sunday was church. And now, I'm tired just thinking about that week. Monday started the countdown for Stephen and Karissa's wedding on Saturday. So, I not only was really busy, but I also had cranky boys because they're used to some sort of a regular schedule which went totally out the window. I think the week of the wedding was the shortest week ever; although, the groom would probably disagree:)

The wedding was beautiful and went really well. The bride and groom shared their first kiss at the altar and left around 4 to begin their life together. Even though they didn't make it down the aisle as ring bearers, Peter and Titus looked super cute in their suits and bow ties. I'll post pictures after the bride and groom have had a chance to post some of their own.

Peter update: He's starting to babble even more, and I can't wait till words are actually formed into something understandable. He loves to entertain and playing the piano while singing. It cracks me up listening to him because he tries so hard. He's so adorable:)

Titus update: He's starting to form actual words. We're working on identifying eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He has eye down perfect. When I ask where his nose is, he points to his nose and says, "N-eye!" He's also started "reading" books out loud. Unfortunately, he has a Phineas and Ferb addiction which means he keeps wanting to turn on the TV to see if it's playing.

I just realized a few days ago that my babies are now closer to 2 years old than they are a year. They turned 19 months on Monday. I just don't know where the time has gone!!

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