Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finally Happened!!

Peter's first ant bites!
I knew it would eventually happen because both boys absolutely love dirt. It's so much fun to throw it up in the air and have it land in your hair and down your shirt and shorts. However, it's not as fun when the dirt happens to be from an ant hill. We turned our backs for two seconds, and Peter was in a huge ant hill throwing dirt all over himself. He wasn't screaming yet; so, I didn't run to get him because I thought I was wrong about it being an ant hill. Well, when I got there, it was definitely an ant hill; they just waited to bite until they were all on him. Then...he started screaming. In the process of getting them off Peter, I wound up with them all over me too. I'm sure Peter won't be digging in dirt piles any time soon.

Stephen and Karissa got back from their honeymoon yesterday and were able to see the boys today. They brought the boys baseballs from Washington, D.C. They couldn't have picked out a better gift for them. As soon as they put the balls in the boys hands, they started throwing and kicking them. It was a good thirty minutes of pure happiness! Titus would even count 1-2-3 before throwing his ball which is good since it gives you time to get out of the way. He doesn't care what's in the way when he throws balls.

New words/phrases: Peter said thank you. Titus knows that you're supposed to say letters while singing the alphabet song, but it comes out sounding like o-oo-o-oo to the tune of the alphabet song.

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